Movie Music UK calls Conrad Pope’s score for The Sound Of Violet, “One of his best” and says he is, “Delighted that we are still getting scores like this once in a while.”

Critic Jonathan Broxton writes:

As is always the case with Pope, the music is orchestral, tuneful, beautifully arranged, and emotional, although this score occasionally has a little bit more of a contemporary edge than you might expect, considering his heritage. Most of the score is charming and free-flowing, featuring lots of lush piano lines, plucked strings, and gently romantic harps. The score’s recurring main theme is introduced in the opening cue, “Every Date is New,” and is a lovely, graceful piece redolent of young and (mostly) innocent romance that will appeal to fans of John Williams’s light drama scores like The Accidental Tourist, Stanley & Iris, Sabrina, and Stepmom.

Broxton analyzes the different cues of the score and ends his article by writing:

Sincere, un-ironic romance scores are not common anymore – they are often done with a nod and a wink to the audience, a tongue in the cheek – but The Sound of Violet isn’t like that. This is straightforward, unashamedly sincere romantic dramatic music of the kind you just don’t hear enough of these days, and I, for one, am delighted that we are still getting scores like this once in a while. Anyone who enjoys John Williams’s intimate romance scores will find The Sound of Violet to be of a similar quality – and the fact that it also gave Conrad Pope a rare opportunity to put himself in the spotlight is just the icing on the cake.

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The Sound of Violet is available on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu on November 15 and on Blu-ray and DVD on December 13. The original soundtrack is available on CD on Amazon or Walmart or on Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever you buy or listen to music.