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Film Quotes: 2010

The Tourist

"The Tourist was great fun. The film did not do that well, but Florian Henckel von Donnersmark, the director, was fabulous. The chemistry between him and James Newton Howard was terrific. I thought the show was witty and charming, and the public didn't seem to find the same qualities I did in it. Nonetheless it was a wonderful score to work on, and a wonderful crew to be with."

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt. 1

"That was a terrific score because it was Alexandre stretching out into the Potter series, where I'd been used to John Williams, and so we discovered a new palette with Alexandre. He brought personality, I think, back to the Potter series after Harry had been wandering in the wilderness for a little bit."

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Love & Other Drugs

"That one was great--it's all great, I love my work. James Newton Howard wrote this really witty tango temp score, and we used very small portions of that, but the real joy of that was to make sure that each part is crystal clear and everybody knows how they're dancing their tango and that was the real joy of doing that one."

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"Salt was terrific, it had great fun, great spirit. Phillip Noyce, who worked on Patriot Games, was the director on this. James Newton Howard again just wrote such an energetic, fun score and it was great to hear the orchestra sound so great with that score. And Angelina Jolie's not bad to look at either."

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The Last Airbender

"It's always great working with James Newton Howard. He writes great action scores and the music itself had a lot of... "air"."

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The Wolfman

"Actually, one of the first films I ever worked on as an orchestrator was a movie called The Rocketeer that Joe Johnson had directed, and Joe Johnson's just a fabulous director, and The Wolfman was a project that was re-cut and needed some texture and it was my great pleasure to provide that. I worked a little bit after the re-cutting and it was just great working with Joe and Walter Burch. "

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