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Film Quotes: 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

"I thought that worked out really great, and Alexandre hit his stride and had terrific action music and terrific moving, emotional music at the very end. And the whole effort, working with David Yates, David Barron, David Heyman, it was a great delight. The crew was wonderful, the music was wonderful, and for me it summed up a decade of work because I worked on the very first trailer, and then to see the very last one, it was quite moving."

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Green Lantern

"That was a great effort on James's part, and hopefully the next one will draw a larger audience, but it's a great kind of new hybrid score that James did with all kinds of hero action, and I enjoyed working on it."

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The Tree of Life

"The music in it is just fabulous and even though I worked on it with Alexandre Desplat, there's really only a few gems of Alexandre's in the film. Just talking about the film, I think it's a profound work of art. What's the phrase? "I love the film, but I'm not sure I like it." And it's a very deep and profound film, but it takes a lot to sit through. But the music works great in that film, even the stuff I worked on."

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Water for Elephants

"That was another James Newton Howard score where my wife and I would comment when we saw it how James wrote a beautiful lyric score, and the music was dubbed very high in the movie and I just think that it's one of the more beautiful lyrical efforts of the past few years in Hollywood. Beautiful score."

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