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Selected Film Scores

Pavilion of Women

Chiu Ming's Farewell

The Embrace

The Library

Andre's Sacrifice

Together Forever

The Wolfman

First Attack and The Ride to Blackmoor


Inspector Aberline Arrives

The Lake

Take Warning

The Kiss and Funeral

Final Fight

The Healing Fountain

The Gorge

The Wolfman Finale and Epilogue

In My Sleep


Racing to Gwen's


Second Nightmare

Gwen's Doubts

Morning After

At The Cemetery

Night Music

The Nightmare Begins

Awkward Date

Do This For Me

Return to the Old Home

False Arrest

Graveside Confrontation

It Can't Be Me!

Pool Fight

Forgiveness Montage

A Distant Dream

Embracing The Past

Home To The Truth

The Amati Girls


First Date

An Unexpected Tragedy

Innocent Prayers

Heart Of The Family

Faith Challenged

Hope Rewarded

A Top For Every Pot

End Credits


Lloyd, The King Of Hearts

Lloyd, The Candy Man

The Beautiful Tracy

Lloyd, Misunderstood, Ugly Lloyd

Mr. Weid's Class

Best Friend's Part

The Sight Of Heartbreak

School Yard Fight

Training To Fight

Food Fight And Finale

Lloyd, The Conquerer (End Credits)



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