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Film Quotes: Noteworthy

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"That was great too. Alexandre Desplat wrote a poetic, evocative score, and brought his own unique sense of melody and rhythm to the film. It was just an utter joy, and on that one I also conducted the ballet sequence where I got to conduct the original Twentieth Century Fox orchestration carousel."

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

"That was great simply because it was almost like a childhood dream coming full circle, having worked on the Star Wars films with John Williams who'd been so iconic over the years. Just to work on the Indiana Jones franchise, Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, seems like a dream."

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X-Men: The Last Stand

"It was great working on a hybrid score and the interesting big textures for the orchestra that were actually not traditional, but sound traditional, if that makes sense."

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Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

"The Star Wars stuff was always like receiving a new page of a novel, because I think it was written front to back, so in other words we went in the same order as the reels, so that was great, and the big climactic scene that I orchestrated, the fight between Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi, that was just fabulous because I'd worked on Star Wars 1 which also was one of those great moments where you just think "wow, this will be a great piece of music."

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Jurassic Park

"It was the most exciting thing I ever did because the music was so great and I think it was the first time I ever orchestrated something for John Williams. I remember getting all these raptor cues, and people being eaten, and I had all this exciting music and great textures and so that was great. That was the highlight of my life."

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No Reservations

"Great working with a filmmaker whose work I so admire--Scott Hicks. His films always have at their core a sense of humanity, which would inspire any composer. A highlight of my career."

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