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A Closer Look...

Award-winning composer Conrad Pope is making waves in Hollywood. "Fresh and top flight," raves Variety about his music. Pope's scores range over the entire cinematic spectrum. "Emotionally evocative", his music expertly creates for each film what The Hollywood Reporter called "sub-textural punch".

His most recent score as composer is Harvey Weinstein’s production of Simon Curtis’ film “My Week with Marilyn”, starring Michelle Williams and Kenneth Brannagh. The soundtrack, featuring Lang Lang on piano, is available November 1st, 2011 on Sony Classics.
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I wish the actors would SHUT UP so I could hear the music! Has this thought ever crossed your mind while watching a movie?


"On this particular film, they'd already shot it, and I got to see a cut of it. It wasn't the final cut that we now have of the film, but it was..."

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  • Independent Insight...

    Get the best music you can for your film, and if you can't afford to hire a composer, use great music and see what it can do to your film. Try lots of different music. Don't sit there and say "all I can do is record a guitar". Before you hire the guitar...

  • My Week With Marilyn

    "I've worked on projects where I've been sent the script before it's even been shot, which can be helpful when understanding what the story's about but really since film music to me is dictated by the tone of the film, how it's shot, how it's acted, the pacing of the..."

  • Film Score Monthly

    The stylish orchestral music for the film is composed by Conrad Pope, one of Hollywood’s most prolific and respected composers who worked extensively as an orchestrator for the biggest names in the film music business...


  • My Week With Marilyn

    "The movie has to go from this sort of youthful energy, to this sense of love..."

  • Harry Potter 7

    Last year was the year was the year of Harry Potter 7, parts one and two for me where I spent...

  • Looking Back

    What I've really enjoyed is that every day has been different, the challenges have been different...

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